EU: Dolphinarium-Free Zone!

Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), are currently campaigning to make the European Union a dolphinarium-free zone. A video has been produced to publicise the campaign.

For more information, please follow the link to the WDCS campaign. If you wish, there is an e-protest letter you can sign to help bring an end to dolphins being held in captivity across Europe.

Thank-you for your time.


A New Direction

I’m pleased to welcome Mark Hirst as a partner in Dorad & Sirius. Mark currently produces work for his website Cambrian Moons, which since 2004 has been presenting a continuing science-fiction adventure.

Along with CGI products including Vue and Cinema 4D, Mark makes extensive use of the character modelling software, Poser, bringing a new visual aspect to Dorad & Sirius generally. Below is the first image of the new-look Dorad, modelled in Poser and rendered in Cinema 4D.

New Dorad 1

A striking pose!

Mark has his own page on the CGI / illustration website Renderosity, where you can see the above image, along with an example of Dorad in her nano-fibre suit.

To see more of Mark’s work, follow the link below to Cambrian Moons. In addition to the photo-realism style, there are several pieces including characters created with Poser, which have a distinctive ‘comic artwork’ look, produced by combining a Sketch & Toon plug-in with Cinema 4D.

Keep in touch for further developments. In the meantime, many thanks to Marko Keränen for all of the work he has produced for Dorad & Sirius.


A Special Art Fare

As mentioned in the ‘Foundations’ page on this blog, Dorad & Sirius stems from an idea which led to a short pilot being made for a possible children’s TV series. The pilot called McMurdo – A Telecomic, featured character line illustrations by David Pugh, the main artist working on a revival of Dan Dare at the time.

As recently announced on the Down The Tubes site, David has set up a charity called Bus Fare, helping refugees and migrant workers visit their families, having been separated by either political or economic necessity. To raise money for the charity, David is selling some of his past artwork, including several Dan Dare boards from New Eagle.

Below is the promotional poster for the Bus Fare website, the photograph itself was taken on the Silk Route through the Nubra Valley, Ladakh.

David Pugh & Friend

Plenty of room on top!

If you are interested in buying David’s artwork and finding out more about the charity, please follow the link to Bus Fare.

Additional artwork for sale, not currently on the site, can be seen at David’s Facebook Fan Page. So why not take a look and if possible, support a good cause.



Running For Dolphins Again!

Having taken part in the 2009 London Marathon to raise money for WDCS (Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society), TV presenter Monty Halls is running again this year on April 17th. The £10,000 target is specifically for the POD (Protect Our Dolphins) campaign.

In the meantime, Monty is keeping a video diary showing preparations leading up to the marathon. Here’s a video of training session 2.

If you would like to sponsor Monty, please follow the link below to his JustGiving page.



Onwards And Upwards!

As Marko has recently upgraded his Vue software to Vue 9, here’s a new image created with the latest version. Marko came up with the idea of having a new sculpture displayed at Pacific Chakra. As the adventures begin with the centenary of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 colliding with Jupiter, a new sculpture being unveiled would be a typical event to celebrate the Cetacean Human Age.

Paxford & Pacific Chakra

A new Vue for a new year.

Watch this space for further developments in 2011, but in the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Fanderson’s TV21

TV21 Convention Logo

Welcome to TV21.

On the weekend of October 22nd – 24th, Fanderson – The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society, held its latest full convention, TV21: Adventure In The 21st Century, at the hotel Ramada Bristol City. The convention fully got under way on Friday evening, with a special screening of the Barry Gray Centenary Concert, which had taken place at London’s Royal Festival Hall in November ’08.

Ramada Bristol City

The convention venue.

As with past conventions, TV21 featured numerous guests associated with Gerry Anderson’s productions, along with screenings of episodes and rare material, plus an exhibition room with artwork, models and props.

Exhibition Room

Artwork, models and props.

On the Saturday, a unique item was the official launch and book-signing by Shane Rimmer, for his autobiography From Thunderbirds To Pterodactyls; the book itself being the first released title from the new imprint Signum Books (featured in an earlier post).
Shane Rimmer's Book-Signing

Shane Rimmer and yours truly.

The exhibition room featured a large collection of published artwork, including many boards by Mike Noble for TV Century 21.

21st Century Artwork

Artwork by Mike Noble and Don Lawrence.

More 21st Century Artwork

A Century 21 art gallery.

Also on display, Fireball XL5 artwork by Dan Dare creator, Frank Hampson.

Fireball XL5

Frank Hampson meets Century 21!

Among a display of original models and replicas, there were several examples from Space: 1999.

Eagle Transporter

The iconic Eagle from Space: 1999.

It was clear from the general atmosphere that everyone, including the hotel staff, had enjoyed the weekend. Many thanks to Fanderson and everyone involved in making TV21 such a great event.

For Your Convenience

Signs of the times!

The chosen charity for the convention weekend was Cots for Tots (within the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal), supporting special care babies at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol. For more information about the charity, please click on the website link.

For more TV21 information, click on Fanderson’s own convention website.

More TV21 convention pictures here.


In The Blink Of An Eye

As Paxford accelerates towards the light barrier, strengthened telepathic links enable the Neubaum family, Sirius and other dolphins on-board, to prepare for teleporting the craft to a specific area. At the closest point possible to the barrier, the teleport operation begins…

Teleporting Paxford

It’s all in the mind!

Here’s Marko’s latest comic artwork test, this time dealing with the concept of teleporting across space. While in the context of the fiction, the telepathically linked humans and dolphins are able to teleport almost instantaneously over vast distances, it would be uninteresting visually if a spaceship was seen having arrived at a point in space, without having shown any representation of the teleporting process itself.

The ability of humans and dolphins to teleport over light years of space, offers plenty of scope for trying out imaginative ideas visually within the storyline.


Reprinting The Future

Following the closure of publishing company Reynolds & Hearn earlier this year, one of the founding partners, Marcus Hearn, has launched a new independent imprint, Signum Books, enabling the Century 21 series of books, started by the former company, to continue.

Edited by Chris Bentley, who has written and edited several Gerry Anderson related books, the Century 21 series presents digitally restored reprints of classic adventures from TV Century 21 and the later comic Countdown.

A website for the new company has also been launched, which although in the process of being built, already has a feature on the history of TV Century 21. For more information about Signum Books generally, click here.


Skydiving For Dolphins

In a recent newsletter, WDCS (Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society), revealed that the UK government has agreed to allow two companies to begin seismic surveys for oil and gas in the Moray Firth in September. One of these companies will be operating inside the Special Area of Conservation – a sanctuary, created by the government to protect the bottlenose dolphins. WDCS has been looking after the welfare of dolphins in the Moray Firth through its POD (Protect Our Dolphins) campaign.

As Sarah Dolman, WDCS Head of Policy for Scotland said in the newsletter: “In September, WDCS Patron and presenter of BBC’s Coast and the One Show, Miranda Krestovnikoff will be jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft to raise money for our Protect Our Dolphins campaign – please sponsor her”.

Please follow the link to Miranda’s ‘Just Giving’ Page if you would like to make a donation, helping her campaign reach the £7000 target.

For more information and developments about the Moray Firth situation, including a video blog, please visit this WDCS International page.



The Story So Far…

CHC: Nu 03 (2094/5 AD)

Having been teleported across many light years of space, over several stages, the spaceship Paxford arrives at a newly discovered Earth-like planet.

Panels Of Paxford.

Panels of Paxford.

Here’s a ‘sneak-peek’ at another comic artwork test by Marko. As in the previous post, the images combine the features of Vue 8 and Manga Studio EX 4. As Marko said: “I used the Paxford 3D model for this one and added some characters too (extras I guess)”.

At this stage, the main point of the tests is to create examples of a distinctive overall look, by combining CGI elements with hand drawing and natural tones. So as the D&S tag line says, ‘evolution and imagination’.