Road To Permission

Following various preparation stages, Dorad & Sirius has been accepted as a new project with the crowd funding website Kickstarter.

Our aim is to launch Dorad & Sirius in printed form, with the first in a series of graphic novels. In keeping with comic strips generally, the story is told in ‘present-tense’ with an eclectic mix of CGI illustrations, text block overlays and comic-strip areas. The book itself is A4 in landscape format, creating a widescreen ‘cinematic’ style.

Graphic Novel Example

Setting an example.

Launched in 2009, Kickstarter has funded thousands of creative projects. As described on the website, “We’re a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology.” Kickstarter was first featured on this blog last year, with the news about Space Command. At the time, while anyone in the World could be a backer, only projects from U.S. residents could be submitted for funding. Since then, the platform has been expanded to include U.K. based projects, making it possible for Dorad & Sirius to be involved.

I’ll be posting more details, along with a link to the project’s page, following the launch on Kickstarter itself. So if you like what you’ve seen of Dorad & Sirius generally, then join us for the next part of the journey.

Evolution & Imagination!


A Special Anniversary

It was at a lecture in 1989 that I first heard about Fungie, a bottlenose dolphin living in Dingle Harbour, Ireland. It was mentioned at the time that he had the alternative name of Dorad, a Gaelic word for ‘dolphin’, which in a sense set me off thinking about an idea that over time became Dorad & Sirius as it is today.

Image: Copyright © 2013 Tor Cotton - Zari Productions

The real Dorad.

Now some twenty-four years later, a special weekend event has been planned to celebrate Fungie’s thirtieth anniversary as The Dingle Dolphin. Taking place over Friday 26th – Sunday 28th April, the event is described by the website for Fungie: “There will be lots going on, talks, swimming, boat trips, films, children’s activities, whale watching trips (weather permitting!) music, poetry and much more. Above all we intend to have fun.”

 Image: Copyright © 2013 Tor Cotton - Zari Productions

Views of Fungie’s home.

For all the event details and further information, please follow the link to Fungie’s website here.

Thank-you to Tor Cotton for providing the images.

Fungie also has a Facebook page here.

Happy Anniversary Fungie, thank-you for the inspiration.


New Gerry Anderson Website is Go!

The new official Gerry Anderson website mentioned in the previous post, is now online.

An email was sent out to subscribers just prior to the launch, announcing that there are brand new Gerry Anderson projects on the way. A request was made to share the news with friends: “Please let them know that more Gerry Anderson projects are in the pipeline and that the legacy is still alive! The more support (views, visits, e-mail sign-ups, mentions on social media) we can get, the sooner we can unveil the new projects.” 

To accompany the website, there is a new YouTube channel which already has a selection of introduction videos, highlighting the logo and general style of the new site, along with an impressive score by composer Crispin Merrell.

For the website itself, follow the link here. The statement on the site’s ‘Welcome’ page says it all: “Stand by for action! This is the official hub for all things Gerry Anderson!”


Legacy 21

A new official website for Gerry Anderson is due to be launched very soon. A launch page has been put online, describing the main site called Gerry Anderson Legacy: “ is the new home of Gerry Anderson’s legacy – both classic productions as well as new projects.”

If you would like to be notified about the website’s launch, then follow the link to Gerry Anderson Legacy.


Ace Of Space

A classic science-fiction comic hero returns in the recently published Ron Turner’s Space Ace.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 1: Copyright © 2012/13 The Ron Turner Estate

Ron Turner’s Space Ace.

Produced by John Lawrence, a long-time follower of comic artist Ron Turner, this first volume presents four complete stories from Lone Star Magazine and Lone Star Annual. Additionally, thanks to superb colouring by illustrator John Ridgway, all four stories appear in full colour for the first time.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 1: Copyright © 2012/13 The Ron Turner Estate

Colouring the future.

As well as being a fan of Ron Turner’s work generally, John Lawrence with Philip Harbottle created Nick Hazard: Interstellar Agent, which was illustrated by Ron in black and white originally, but more recently was also coloured-in and re-formatted by John Ridgway.

Along with stylish future vehicles and buildings, Space Ace shows how Ron Turner had a flair for creating imaginative aliens as well.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 1: Copyright © 2012/13 The Ron Turner Estate

Heavenly Creatures.

On a personal note, I’ve always been a fan of Ron Turner since the days of TV21 Annual, along with many stories that he illustrated in accompanying Century 21 Publishing annuals at the time. When TV21 (or at least the main Gerry Anderson aspect) came to an end, it was Ron Turner’s artwork that kind of filled the gap during those years before the new comic Countdown came along. In the comic Whizzer & Chips, although mainly having humour strips, there were two sci-fi adventures, The Space Accident, followed later by Wonder Car. Even though they were aimed at a young age range, with Ron illustrating the stories, there was a whole Gerry Anderson Century 21 quality which made them enjoyable. So not surprisingly, I think it’s great that this new Space Ace collection has been published.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 1: Copyright © 2012/13 The Ron Turner Estate

A real Turner prize!

As John Lawrence produced Space Ace as a non-profit publication, purely for the love of Ron Turner’s work, it’s definitely the number of copies sold that will determine whether or not there are future volumes published. If you enjoy Ron Turner’s artwork and/or classic science-fiction comic adventures generally, then you can purchase Space Ace: Volume 1, using the email address via PayPal.

Thank-you to John Ridgway for the images and John Lawrence for permission to use them.


Departures & Arrivals

Well here I am with the first Chakralog post of 2013.

Sadly, since the previous post just before Christmas, there’s been the news about Gerry Anderson having died; it truly does feel like the end of an era.

As a producer, writer and director of many well-known television series and feature films spanning more than fifty years, Gerry Anderson had a special talent for forming and developing imaginative ideas, while creating a pool of other special talents to help execute them. I’m very grateful for all the enjoyment I’ve had from Gerry Anderson’s productions, along with the whole ‘Century 21’ world that existed during my childhood.

Gerry Anderson: 1929-2012

Gerry Anderson interviewed by Ian Fryer at Fanderson’s TV21 convention.

Following on from last year’s Memory Walks, Gerry’s son Jamie Anderson has a new JustGiving page to continue with financial support for the Alzheimer’s Society. If you would like to make a donation in memory of Gerry Anderson please follow the link here.

I know it’s a well-worn saying, but it’s true all the same that life goes on. In line with that and on a brighter note, Marko Keränen recently sent me a test render image, having upgraded to version 11 of the CGI software Vue. The continuing advancements with digital illustration software generally, all add to the potential for Dorad & Sirius to be an appealing and inviting publishing concept.

Ice Planet

Ice Station Cetacean (Where Dolphins Dare)!

I hope to have more D&S news to post here later, but for now, Happy New Year (well it is still the first week).


An Imaginative Tribute

Among the many tributes paid to Sir Patrick Moore, I think there’s one in particular that says it all perfectly, while being a good example of ‘less is more’. You can link to it here.

Created by Paul Woods, the blog Moonbase Central is essentially about Project Sword and relative space-themed toys. Often described as the best Gerry Anderson series never made, Project Sword itself was created by Century 21 Merchandising in the 1960’s, after a Hong Kong based manufacturer was bought out by Century 21 Toys.

If like me, you grew up with the whole Century 21 world, including the comic TV Century 21, then I thouroughly recommend Moonbase Central for your fix of nostalgia and pleasant memories.