An Ace New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to Chakralog in 2014.

Preparations are continuing with Dorad & Sirius, but in the meantime there’s good news to mention now at the start of the year, with the publishing of Ron Turner’s Space Ace: Volume 2.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 2: Copyright © 2013/14 The Ron Turner Estate

Return of the ace.

Following the successful first volume last year, featured on this blog at the time (Ace Of Space), John Lawrence has continued the series with the same format, whereby the original black and white artwork by Ron Turner has been completely re-formatted and coloured-in by John Ridgway, giving the concept a dynamic new look.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 2: Copyright © 2013/14 The Ron Turner Estate

Incoming adventure!

As in the first volume, four complete adventures from Lone Star Magazine and Lone Star Annual are presented, with the stories this time being, The Molten Menace, The Guided Missile, The Slave Runners and The Terror on Titan.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 2: Copyright © 2013/14 The Ron Turner Estate

Turner transport.

This new edition provides more examples of the imagination Ron Turner had for creating futuristic vehicles and environments, which always had a distinctive style over the years.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 2: Copyright © 2013/14 The Ron Turner Estate

The old and the new, in more ways than one.

It’s great to see that last year’s revival of Space Ace must have been popular, enabling John Lawrence to publish this latest edition. Ron Turner’s Space Ace: Volume 2, priced £8.95 including postage & packing, can be purchased via PayPal, using the email address*.

Thank-you to John Ridgway for the images and John Lawrence for permission to use them.

* Please note the new PayPal account opened since Volume 1 was published last year.


Rounding Off The Year

This will probably be the last post of 2013 (unless there are any surprise items to mention before New Year’s Eve), so I’d just like to say thank-you to anyone still following Chakralog and the Dorad & Sirius project generally (come on don’t be shy).

On Boxing Day (26th December) at midday (UK time), Fanderson will be releasing a special video commemorating Gerry Anderson. In line with that, Jamie Anderson has posted a special cover photograph on Facebook, welcoming other people to use it on their Facebook pages to celebrate ‘A lifetime of adventure’.

Happily, things have been very positive and busy on the D&S front recently, including both John Ridgway and Nick Spender producing new artwork. All being well, there should be good news to mention soon after the start of 2014, but in the meantime, here’s a lovely Christmas Ecard from Nick.

Ecard: Copyright © 2013 Nick Spender.

Christmas Ecard 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Dorad & Sirius Project.


Happy Anniversary Doctor

Congratulations to Doctor Who, celebrating fifty years of the classic science-fiction series, with a special new episode, The Day Of The Doctor, being shown this evening to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the very first broadcast.

To be honest, as I was already a keen follower of the various Gerry Anderson productions when I was growing-up, I didn’t watch that much of Doctor Who when it started. It was probably the Jon Pertwee years that I enjoyed most of all, with elements similar to the style of Century 21, such as the security organisation UNIT, along with Doctor Who’s car Bessie, rather like Gabriel, the Model T Ford driven by Father Unwin in The Secret Service.

There was another kind of Gerry Anderson connection with Doctor Who, provided by stories of The Daleks on the back page of TV Century 21, with much of the artwork created by one of my favourite illustrators, Ron Turner.

So then, happy fiftieth Doctor, have a good one.


Behind The Scenes

While two new science-fiction concepts funded by Kickstarter were being featured on this blog, principally Gerry Anderson’s Gemini Force One, along with Generation One: Children Of Mars, developments were taking place with Dorad & Sirius in relation to the first Kickstarter funding period.

As unfortunately Marko Keränen had to leave the project, it would have been impractical to continue with the original funding pitch and was therefore cancelled, allowing time to plan ahead with a fresh approach for the first graphic novel.

I’m pleased to say that while already involved with D&S, John Ridgway has joined the project and has already produced new comic-strip sections for one of the intended funding pledge rewards. As well as creating original illustrations, John also specialises in digital colouring and formatting of comic artwork from the past, such as in Ron Turner’s Space Ace, published earlier this year. As an example for the original Kickstarter pitch, John coloured-in a page from Marko’s Science-fiction story, The Scientist.

The Scientist: Copyright © 2013 Marko Keränen

A colourful future.

Although Marko is no longer my partner in D&S, his existing CGI work which has played such an important part in the project generally, will still appear in the planned graphic novel, with the funding target covering the cost of the images featured.

To help things along publicity-wise, Dorad & Sirius is now on Twitter with currently one follower, not exactly trending but it’s a start.

So that’s how things stand at the moment, with more news to follow soon. In the meantime, I’ve given the blog and website a makeover, in readiness for the future of D&S generally.

D&S Background

New windows.

Evolution & Imagination.


Expect The Unexpected

On Saturday 12th October, Fanderson celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of Terrahawks, with the event, Expect The Unexpected. Taking place at the Holiday Inn, Maidenhead (UK), the day consisted of guest interviews, episode screenings, a display of Terrahawks and Gerry Anderson related items, with the event rounded-off in the evening by a ‘TV Dinners’ quiz and hot buffet-style meal.

Terrahawks Models & Props Display

Exhibiting the unexpected.

Often overlooked because of not being a production from the Century 21 / ITC years, Terrahawks was in effect, Gerry Anderson’s comeback series, with the new company, Anderson-Burr Pictures, introducing a new puppet technique, Supermacromation. The series also provided an important first break in the film/TV industry for several of the event’s guests, including Visual Effects Director Steven Begg, Director Mark Woollard, and modelmakers John Lee and Steven Woodcock.

Guests Photo-Call

“Stay on this channel, here are the guests!”

To complete the daytime schedule, Jamie Anderson was interviewed by FAB magazine Co-Editor, Ian Fryer (who in fact carried out the interviewing for the whole day), discussing progress with the new Gerry Anderson concept Gemini Force One, having successfully completed the Kickstarter funding earlier this month.

Jamie Anderson & Ian Fryer

To Gemini Force One and beyond.

Many thanks to everyone at Fanderson, for a very enjoyable and nostalgic day.

The Fanderson website has a detailed article about the event here.

More Expect The Unexpected pictures on Flickr.


GF1 Is Go!

Earlier today, Gemini Force One reached its funding target of £24,350. To celebrate the project’s success on Kickstarter, a video has been posted as a thank you to all the backers.

With five days of the campaign still remaining, new stretch goals have been added, including designs by Andrew Probert, a GF1 T Shirt, a poster, plus for a pledge of £190 (if the total can reach £32,000), you’ll receive an exclusive GF1 Flight Jacket.

Congratulations to Jamie Anderson, MG Harris and Andrew Probert, for such a creative and innovative campaign to bring about this exciting new Gerry Anderson concept.

If you’d like to be involved, there’s still time, so follow the link to GF1.


Innovation Twinned With Nostalgia

Having released the name and logo of the first new Gerry Anderson Legacy Project on 27th July, Gemini Force One (or GF1), has been fully launched today as a planned series of books, using the crowd funding platform Kickstarter.

Here are details from the official press release:

GF1 follows the story of a secret organisation involved in rescues and averting disasters and terrorist events – exciting stories for both the young and young at heart. The Gerry Anderson Estate’s long term aim for GF1 is to publish the book series, and then turn it into a film or television series, which was Gerry’s ultimate goal for GF1.

Gerry began writing GF1 in 2008, but was unable to complete the first book due to rapidly worsening Alzheimer’s Disease, which stopped him working in 2012, before his untimely death in December 2012.

Gerry’s younger son, Jamie, has enlisted best-selling author MG Harris to complete the first book in the way that his father would have wanted, and will be raising money to self-publish GF1 using the crowd funding platform Kickstarter.

The first GF1 book will be released to Kickstarter backers in April 2014, with a full launch in August 2014 – to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Anderson’s iconic Thunderbirds TV series, which entered production in August 1964.

GF1: Copyright © 2013 Anderson Entertainment

Promoting tomorrow’s inspiration.

It’s brilliant to see a new Gerry Anderson concept so evocative of the Century 21 years, itself involving a completely ’21st century’ production method.

There’s more information on today’s launch at the GF1 Event Page on Facebook.


Andercon Released

A press release was issued just over an hour ago by Anderson Entertainment, announcing Andercon, a new Gerry Anderson convention for 2014.

Along with the convention website being launched at midnight, a promotional video was added to the official Gerry Anderson YouTube channel.

Here’s the official press release:

Standby for Action as Anderson Entertainment’s first Gerry Anderson convention is Go! 

The event promises to deliver an “Exclusively Anderson” experience, celebrating the life and legacy of British television’s most celebrated Science Fiction producer, and creator of telefantasy classics including Thunderbirds, Space 1999, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet, UFO and Stingray.

AnderCon 2014 will be taking place on the weekend of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th April, 2014, at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow Airport, London.

There will be guest appearances from many of the stars of some of his most celebrated shows across the weekend, including from Space 1999 Zienia Merton, Prentis Hancock & Pam Rose, Space Precinct’s David Quilter & Richard James and Thunderbirds David Graham, Matt Zimmerman & Shane Rimmer, Liz Morgan from the original Captain Scarlet and the wonderful Denise Bryer, who played the evil Zelda in Terrahawks.

The event also aims to bring to life the creativity and ingenuity of those early studio days through displays of production drawings together with recreations of actual sets used in the filming of classic shows such as Thunderbirds and Stingray, including; Brains Laboratory, an explosive Refinery, the Rolling Road beloved of many an action sequence, and Stingray’s “underwater” tank, complete with fish alongside some of the surviving full sized vehicles that appeared in Anderson’s productions. Production personnel attending currently includes Mike Trim, Steve Begg, Kevin Davies, Crispin Merrell, Terry Adlam, Des Saunders, Phil Ford, and from the very beginning, Gerry’s original business partner at AP Films, Arthur Provis.

In addition to props and models used in the actual filming of Anderson’s shows, there will be an impressive display of reproduction props and models courtesy of fan collectors and prop builders. The restored Strakers Car from UFO will also be unveiled at the event.

More information on the event can be found on the events website – with additional guests and event attractions to be announced in the coming months.

As Terrahawk’s Dr “Tiger” Ninestein once said, “Expect the unexpected!”

With the convention launch and its impressive website, along with the ‘first new project’ being officially launched on 5th September, Jamie Anderson is ensuring that the whole Gerry Anderson legacy continues.

For further news and updates, please follow the link to the Gerry Anderson page on Facebook.


Positive Life On Mars

While completing preparations for launching Dorad & Sirius on Kickstarter, I’m glad to see that another wholesome and optimistic science-fiction concept, Generation One: Children Of Mars, has already reached its initial target after just three days while the funding continues until 5th September.

Described on the Kickstarter page: ‘A comic about the first generation of children born on Mars—and what we might become, together, if we have the courage to try.’ As explained by the project creator Steven R. Stewart, “Gen One is a 3-issue limited comic series created with the goal of getting kids and young adults excited about the possibility of Mars colonization.”

Picus Image: Copyright © 2013 Steven R. Stewart

Picus, a happy martian!

With the current total being nearly double the original target, a range of ‘stretch goals’ have been added. As seventeen days still remain before the close of funding, there is a good possibility that the extra goals will be reached. An immediate stretch goal is a free poster to all backers at or above the $35 level, featuring the Gen One cast of characters as seen in the video. If the ultimate goal of $100,000 is reached, a completely new novel will be published with new illustrations, which will be free to all backers.

It’s great to see a positive view of the future being so popular, after all, today’s children are tomorrow’s space colonists (well you never know).

Thank-you to Steven Stewart for the Picus character image.

For more news and information, please follow the link to the project’s page on Facebook.


Dorad & Sirius Plus Google

In addition to the publicity provided by the page on Facebook, Dorad & Sirius now has its own page on Google+. Along with a mixture of news and features similar to this blog and the Facebook page, there’ll also be postings with information and images to familiarise Google+ users seeing Dorad & Sirius for the first time.

The new page is also integrated with a new channel on YouTube for Dorad & Sirius specifically.

New Tube.

The YouTube link buttons on the menu and sidebar now connect with the new D&S channel, with my original channel being accessible from there.

If you’d like to visit the Google+ page, please follow the link on the sidebar and help spread the word.