The Last Station

Since the previous post, a crowdfunding campaign has started for the new science-fiction TV series, The Last Station, created by Sylvia Anderson and Dee Anderson. Launched on Friday 5th September, the campaign runs until 4th October with the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

As mentioned on the main page:

Running alongside the initial concepts of characters and storylines, we are delighted to be able to showcase a video in the development stages of the Project – outlining our ideas and characters in 2013.   Since this video has been made, there have been exciting and innovative changes to the characters, storylines and sub-plots and we will keep you updated during this campaign.

The ‘Plot Outline’ section detailing the general background to the story, along with specific characters and locations, shows how the concept is fresh and innovative while reflecting the iconic Century 21 years.

As Sylvia Anderson states:

This Project has all the key elements reminiscent of the early days of Thunderbirds.

To quote the tagline for the project:

Free your imagination and enjoy the ride.


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