Back Again!

Greetings devotees of Chakralog and anyone passing by, it’s good to be back.

After a few setbacks that prevented the funding attempt with Kickstarter continuing during July last year, there were new plans made to hopefully give a new funding round the best chance of success. As with any speculative project, the output taking place has to fit in with everyone’s regular work schedule, thereby perhaps taking quite a while to complete. However, I felt that it would be best to have more content already in hand before the next Kickstarter launch, giving the presentation a stronger foundation, along with varied reward levels. So while things have been quiet on the blog front, John Ridgway and Nick Spender have been producing new artwork for both rewards and publicity. During that time, I took the opportunity to revise a few storyline elements and new incidental characters featured in the first graphic novel, along with designing a new emblem for Chakra as well. So then, onwards and upwards.

Chakra Emblems

Signs of the times.

Since the last blog post here in May, there’s been another successful Flights Of Fantasy at RAF Museum Cosford, with Sylvia Anderson at the event for the first time, discussing many recollections and anecdotes about her career. Earlier this year, Sylvia along with her daughter Dee Anderson, created and launched a new family lifestyle multimedia website and TV channel, GloTIME.TV, which later will also be the venue for their new science-fiction animation series, The Last Station.

For an album of pictures from the weekend event, please follow the link to Flickr.

Flights Of Fantasy 2014

Return flights to Cosford.

Last Tuesday (12th August), saw the official website launch for Gemini Force One. Tied-in with launching the limited hardback edition of Gemini Force One: Black Horizon (also one of the Kickstarter rewards), the website is currently accepting registrations for email news updates.

So what else is there, oh yes, of course, the new series of Doctor Who begins tomorrow (23rd August), with Peter Capaldi in the title role. Yes I know, with the enormous wave of publicity surrounding the new ‘Doctor’ and series, I hardly needed to mention it myself, I just thought it would be odd and maybe even disrespectful if I didn’t.

All in all then, exciting and interesting times for wholesome ‘family friendly’ science-fiction concepts.

Evolution & Imagination.


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