Edge Of A Series

As well as being an illustrator and designer, Chris Thompson is also a film maker specialising in science-fiction concepts. A video, Life On The Edge, was made as a pilot for a potential web-series and originally posted on YouTube last September.

As described on YouTube:

Humanity has created a vast empire across the Galaxy. At its core are the rich Capital worlds where people live and work, important decisions are made and life goes at breakneck speed. On the outskirts however is a very different reality standing on the edge of the unknown, remote outposts and colonies strive to simply get by.

This is the story of 4 radio operators who for some reason decide to chat to each other every day after tea time.

Along with Chris, the character voices were performed by Guy Taylor, Andrew Clements and Jack Knoll.

Chris has now posted the video on Facebook, as the team are moving the project forward with more episodes and are keen for general feedback. So if you enjoy the pilot, with its dry humour as well as impressive visuals, then log-in and help shape the future series.


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