To The Pale And Beyond!

Things are still progressing with D&S, but in the meantime, here’s another science-fiction adventure comic project recently launched on Kickstarter. With the intriguing title, The Pale: Royalty and Thieves, the concept has this description:

A sci-fi adventure comic book mini-series written by William Jenkins with art by Shane Sandulak about three bounty hunters trying to return a young princess to her home planet.

Promotional Image: Copyright © 2014 William Jenkins

Promoting a universe of adventure.

The project’s creator William Jenkins describes the story outline on the Kickstarter page:

After her father Prince Feytor Pale is assassinated, the young princess Feyora Pale is kidnapped and taken far from her home. Scared, alone, and with a hefty price on her head, it is up to Mel, her partner Cricket and their friend Lilith to safely return Feyora to her home planet of Dise. Little do they know that along with all the other hunters coming after Feyora, the ruthless mercenary Tywod Grieves is hot on their trail.

There are several completed page examples to see, along with the front cover for the first issue. As William says on Kickstarter:

That’s just the very tip of the iceberg! I’ve spent a lot of time fleshing out the universe of The Pale and it is a large a one, filled with exotic planets, creatures and aliens just waiting to be brought to life.

With a whole range of reward tiers to choose from, the funding continues up to and including Monday 26th May. So if you enjoy science-fiction adventures in comic-strip form, then here’s another opportunity to be part of an imaginative project, made possible by the innovation of crowd funding.

Thank-you to William Jenkins for providing the image for this post.


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