Happy Anniversary Doctor

Congratulations to Doctor Who, celebrating fifty years of the classic science-fiction series, with a special new episode, The Day Of The Doctor, being shown this evening to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the very first broadcast.

To be honest, as I was already a keen follower of the various Gerry Anderson productions when I was growing-up, I didn’t watch that much of Doctor Who when it started. It was probably the Jon Pertwee years that I enjoyed most of all, with elements similar to the style of Century 21, such as the security organisation UNIT, along with Doctor Who’s car Bessie, rather like Gabriel, the Model T Ford driven by Father Unwin in The Secret Service.

There was another kind of Gerry Anderson connection with Doctor Who, provided by stories of The Daleks on the back page of TV Century 21, with much of the artwork created by one of my favourite illustrators, Ron Turner.

So then, happy fiftieth Doctor, have a good one.


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