Expect The Unexpected

On Saturday 12th October, Fanderson celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of Terrahawks, with the event, Expect The Unexpected. Taking place at the Holiday Inn, Maidenhead (UK), the day consisted of guest interviews, episode screenings, a display of Terrahawks and Gerry Anderson related items, with the event rounded-off in the evening by a ‘TV Dinners’ quiz and hot buffet-style meal.

Terrahawks Models & Props Display

Exhibiting the unexpected.

Often overlooked because of not being a production from the Century 21 / ITC years, Terrahawks was in effect, Gerry Anderson’s comeback series, with the new company, Anderson-Burr Pictures, introducing a new puppet technique, Supermacromation. The series also provided an important first break in the film/TV industry for several of the event’s guests, including Visual Effects Director Steven Begg, Director Mark Woollard, and modelmakers John Lee and Steven Woodcock.

Guests Photo-Call

“Stay on this channel, here are the guests!”

To complete the daytime schedule, Jamie Anderson was interviewed by FAB magazine Co-Editor, Ian Fryer (who in fact carried out the interviewing for the whole day), discussing progress with the new Gerry Anderson concept Gemini Force One, having successfully completed the Kickstarter funding earlier this month.

Jamie Anderson & Ian Fryer

To Gemini Force One and beyond.

Many thanks to everyone at Fanderson, for a very enjoyable and nostalgic day.

The Fanderson website has a detailed article about the event here.

More Expect The Unexpected pictures on Flickr.


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