Positive Life On Mars

While completing preparations for launching Dorad & Sirius on Kickstarter, I’m glad to see that another wholesome and optimistic science-fiction concept, Generation One: Children Of Mars, has already reached its initial target after just three days while the funding continues until 5th September.

Described on the Kickstarter page: ‘A comic about the first generation of children born on Mars—and what we might become, together, if we have the courage to try.’ As explained by the project creator Steven R. Stewart, “Gen One is a 3-issue limited comic series created with the goal of getting kids and young adults excited about the possibility of Mars colonization.”

Picus Image: Copyright © 2013 Steven R. Stewart

Picus, a happy martian!

With the current total being nearly double the original target, a range of ‘stretch goals’ have been added. As seventeen days still remain before the close of funding, there is a good possibility that the extra goals will be reached. An immediate stretch goal is a free poster to all backers at or above the $35 level, featuring the Gen One cast of characters as seen in the video. If the ultimate goal of $100,000 is reached, a completely new novel will be published with new illustrations, which will be free to all backers.

It’s great to see a positive view of the future being so popular, after all, today’s children are tomorrow’s space colonists (well you never know).

Thank-you to Steven Stewart for the Picus character image.

For more news and information, please follow the link to the project’s page on Facebook.


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