New Gerry Anderson Website is Go!

The new official Gerry Anderson website mentioned in the previous post, is now online.

An email was sent out to subscribers just prior to the launch, announcing that there are brand new Gerry Anderson projects on the way. A request was made to share the news with friends: “Please let them know that more Gerry Anderson projects are in the pipeline and that the legacy is still alive! The more support (views, visits, e-mail sign-ups, mentions on social media) we can get, the sooner we can unveil the new projects.” 

To accompany the website, there is a new YouTube channel which already has a selection of introduction videos, highlighting the logo and general style of the new site, along with an impressive score by composer Crispin Merrell.

For the website itself, follow the link here. The statement on the site’s ‘Welcome’ page says it all: “Stand by for action! This is the official hub for all things Gerry Anderson!”


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