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Well here I am with the first Chakralog post of 2013.

Sadly, since the previous post just before Christmas, there’s been the news about Gerry Anderson having died; it truly does feel like the end of an era.

As a producer, writer and director of many well-known television series and feature films spanning more than fifty years, Gerry Anderson had a special talent for forming and developing imaginative ideas, while creating a pool of other special talents to help execute them. I’m very grateful for all the enjoyment I’ve had from Gerry Anderson’s productions, along with the whole ‘Century 21’ world that existed during my childhood.

Gerry Anderson: 1929-2012

Gerry Anderson interviewed by Ian Fryer at Fanderson’s TV21 convention.

Following on from last year’s Memory Walks, Gerry’s son Jamie Anderson has a new JustGiving page to continue with financial support for the Alzheimer’s Society. If you would like to make a donation in memory of Gerry Anderson please follow the link here.

I know it’s a well-worn saying, but it’s true all the same that life goes on. In line with that and on a brighter note, Marko Keränen recently sent me a test render image, having upgraded to version 11 of the CGI software Vue. The continuing advancements with digital illustration software generally, all add to the potential for Dorad & Sirius to be an appealing and inviting publishing concept.

Ice Planet

Ice Station Cetacean (Where Dolphins Dare)!

I hope to have more D&S news to post here later, but for now, Happy New Year (well it is still the first week).


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