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On the weekend of 24th-25th November, a brand new event, Cosford Flights Of Fantasy, was held at the RAF Museum Cosford in Shropshire, UK. Described by the museum as “displaying puppets and memorabilia from the iconic science-fiction shows of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson”, the event centred around an exhibition of original and replica puppets and models, along with costumes, sets and props, on the upper level of the impressive National Cold War Exhibition building.

Stand by for artwork!

As well as the exhibition which was free of charge along with the museum generally, there were specific talks on the Saturday, held in the 200-seat ‘bunker style’ auditorium.

The auditorium, or is it SHADO HQ.

With author and former Fanderson chairman Chris Bentley hosting the talks, David Graham, Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman, three of the actors who provided character voices in Thunderbirds, were interviewed separately in the morning.

In the afternoon, Brian Johnson, Special Effects Director on Space: 1999, gave the first of two talks, with his second talk on Sunday morning being free on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Brian Johnson interviewed by Chris Bentley.

David Graham, Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman returned together on the Saturday afternoon for a further talk, along with a surprise performance (for them as well) of a scene from the Thunderbirds episode ‘Atlantic Inferno’.

Matt Zimmerman, Shane Rimmer, David Graham.

Among the various items on display over the weekend, were original concept design illustrations by Mike Trim.

Century 21 transportation.

Captain Scarlet, Scott Tracy, Sam Loover.

With nearly 3,000 people attending over the two days, the whole event proved to be very popular. At the end of the Sunday talk, Chris Bentley mentioned that the museum organisers, pleased with the weekend’s success, were considering the idea of making Flights Of Fantasy an annual event. I certainly hope that happens as it was such an enjoyable time at a marvellous venue. Many thanks to all concerned.

Joe 90, Father Unwin, John Tracy.

Please follow the website link for more information about RAF Museum Cosford.

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