Space Command

Launched today (no pun intended), Space Command is a planned series of new and original feature films, using the online resource Kickstarter as an innovative way of financing the project.

Headed by Producer/Writer Marc Scott Zicree, the concept is as described on Kickstarter: ‘Told with cutting edge tools of 21st-Century film-making and a visual style inspired by such great science fiction illustrators of the 1950s as Wally Wood, Chesley Bonestell and Ed Emshwiller’.

The target is for $75,000 to be pledged by Saturday 14th July, 11:59pm EDT (US Timezone). However, it’s possible to be a backer for as little as $1, with gift rewards starting at pledges of $5. For more detailed information about being a backer (including gifts relating to pledge amounts), please follow this Kickstarter link.

Space Command, while being evocative of classic space adventure concepts from the past, will hopefully succeed in being produced by using a completely up-to-date and imaginative form of funding.

Hmmm, there’s a thought!


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