The Project Evolves

I’m pleased to welcome Nick Spender to Dorad & Sirius. If you’re a regular visitor to this blog (I know you’re out there), you’ll know from an earlier post, that Nick was one of the guests at Spaceship Away Day in November ’09. Working professionally as a freelance illustrator, Nick produces artwork in numerous styles, including comic-strip, for many publishers and agencies.

Chuck Yeager Page 1.

The two images shown here are pages from a story about the flight pioneer Chuck Yeager. The comic-strip look produced by Nick, can add to the eclectic ‘classic comic’ visual style of Dorad & Sirius generally, along with CGI models created by Mark Hirst and the large body of digital artwork that Marko Keränen has already provided.

Chuck Yeager Page 2.

You can see more of Nick’s work at his new website Nick Spender Illustrator.

At the same time, Marko Keränen’s website Lighthouse has been recently updated, with a gallery of illustrations generally, along with more recent work which he’s created as a comic artist.

While continuing with updating Lighthouse, Marko has been designing a new floating structure for Dorad & Sirius. Here’s a ‘sneak-peek’ of one version in a test render.

An ideal cetacean human home.


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