A New Direction

I’m pleased to welcome Mark Hirst as a partner in Dorad & Sirius. Mark currently produces work for his website Cambrian Moons, which since 2004 has been presenting a continuing science-fiction adventure.

Along with CGI products including Vue and Cinema 4D, Mark makes extensive use of the character modelling software, Poser, bringing a new visual aspect to Dorad & Sirius generally. Below is the first image of the new-look Dorad, modelled in Poser and rendered in Cinema 4D.

New Dorad 1

A striking pose!

Mark has his own page on the CGI / illustration website Renderosity, where you can see the above image, along with an example of Dorad in her nano-fibre suit.

To see more of Mark’s work, follow the link below to Cambrian Moons. In addition to the photo-realism style, there are several pieces including characters created with Poser, which have a distinctive ‘comic artwork’ look, produced by combining a Sketch & Toon plug-in with Cinema 4D.

Keep in touch for further developments. In the meantime, many thanks to Marko Keränen for all of the work he has produced for Dorad & Sirius.


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