A Special Art Fare

As mentioned in the ‘Foundations’ page on this blog, Dorad & Sirius stems from an idea which led to a short pilot being made for a possible children’s TV series. The pilot called McMurdo – A Telecomic, featured character line illustrations by David Pugh, the main artist working on a revival of Dan Dare at the time.

As recently announced on the Down The Tubes site, David has set up a charity called Bus Fare, helping refugees and migrant workers visit their families, having been separated by either political or economic necessity. To raise money for the charity, David is selling some of his past artwork, including several Dan Dare boards from New Eagle.

Below is the promotional poster for the Bus Fare website, the photograph itself was taken on the Silk Route through the Nubra Valley, Ladakh.

David Pugh & Friend

Plenty of room on top!

If you are interested in buying David’s artwork and finding out more about the charity, please follow the link to Bus Fare.

Additional artwork for sale, not currently on the site, can be seen at David’s Facebook Fan Page. So why not take a look and if possible, support a good cause.



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