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Welcome to TV21.

On the weekend of October 22nd – 24th, Fanderson – The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society, held its latest full convention, TV21: Adventure In The 21st Century, at the hotel Ramada Bristol City. The convention fully got under way on Friday evening, with a special screening of the Barry Gray Centenary Concert, which had taken place at London’s Royal Festival Hall in November ’08.

Ramada Bristol City

The convention venue.

As with past conventions, TV21 featured numerous guests associated with Gerry Anderson’s productions, along with screenings of episodes and rare material, plus an exhibition room with artwork, models and props.

Exhibition Room

Artwork, models and props.

On the Saturday, a unique item was the official launch and book-signing by Shane Rimmer, for his autobiography From Thunderbirds To Pterodactyls; the book itself being the first released title from the new imprint Signum Books (featured in an earlier post).
Shane Rimmer's Book-Signing

Shane Rimmer and yours truly.

The exhibition room featured a large collection of published artwork, including many boards by Mike Noble for TV Century 21.

21st Century Artwork

Artwork by Mike Noble and Don Lawrence.

More 21st Century Artwork

A Century 21 art gallery.

Also on display, Fireball XL5 artwork by Dan Dare creator, Frank Hampson.

Fireball XL5

Frank Hampson meets Century 21!

Among a display of original models and replicas, there were several examples from Space: 1999.

Eagle Transporter

The iconic Eagle from Space: 1999.

It was clear from the general atmosphere that everyone, including the hotel staff, had enjoyed the weekend. Many thanks to Fanderson and everyone involved in making TV21 such a great event.

For Your Convenience

Signs of the times!

The chosen charity for the convention weekend was Cots for Tots (within the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal), supporting special care babies at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol. For more information about the charity, please click on the website link.

For more TV21 information, click on Fanderson’s own convention website.

More TV21 convention pictures here.



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  1. hi
    iv’e made a tribute Website to Tv21 Artist Jon Davis M.B.E .
    Hope its of some interest to you .
    Many Thanks
    Ethan Davis

  2. Thank-you for your comment and information. I grew up with TV21 and always enjoyed Jon Davis’s artwork.

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