In The Blink Of An Eye

As Paxford accelerates towards the light barrier, strengthened telepathic links enable the Neubaum family, Sirius and other dolphins on-board, to prepare for teleporting the craft to a specific area. At the closest point possible to the barrier, the teleport operation begins…

Teleporting Paxford

It’s all in the mind!

Here’s Marko’s latest comic artwork test, this time dealing with the concept of teleporting across space. While in the context of the fiction, the telepathically linked humans and dolphins are able to teleport almost instantaneously over vast distances, it would be uninteresting visually if a spaceship was seen having arrived at a point in space, without having shown any representation of the teleporting process itself.

The ability of humans and dolphins to teleport over light years of space, offers plenty of scope for trying out imaginative ideas visually within the storyline.


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