The Story So Far…

CHC: Nu 03 (2094/5 AD)

Having been teleported across many light years of space, over several stages, the spaceship Paxford arrives at a newly discovered Earth-like planet.

Panels Of Paxford.

Panels of Paxford.

Here’s a ‘sneak-peek’ at another comic artwork test by Marko. As in the previous post, the images combine the features of Vue 8 and Manga Studio EX 4. As Marko said: “I used the Paxford 3D model for this one and added some characters too (extras I guess)”.

At this stage, the main point of the tests is to create examples of a distinctive overall look, by combining CGI elements with hand drawing and natural tones. So as the D&S tag line says, ‘evolution and imagination’.


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