Points Of Vue

In addition to using CGI software products generally, Marko has recently started using a software for creating comics digitally: Manga Studio EX 4. Although the product is aimed at comic production specifically, as Marko said: “It seems to be very stable and capable software for creating illustrations too”. Having updated from Vue 6 to Vue 8 also, Marko has been making some test images, combining renderings from the new version with the illustration features from Manga Studio.

Here’s a ‘sneak-peek’ at an early test, where renders from Vue were converted to a background tone with Manga Studio. People and other details were added with Manga Studio’s painting tools. The speech balloons were also added to round-off the ‘comic artwork’ look.

The Vue From Here.

The Vue from here.

Manga Studio clearly has great potential for giving Dorad & Sirius the look of a classic comic adventure concept combined with up-to-date techniques. So then, onwards and upwards!


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